Pizzas & Friends (Intro)

Did you know that pizzas are like friendships? Say What?

I bet the title of this bible lesson series has you thinking, what could pizzas and friendships have in common. Well in this series and with the help of Bible scripture we’ll try to answer that question.

Pizza is one of the few foods almost everyone loves. Pizza’s a versatile food that can be made any number of ways with any number of toppings. There’s pizza for meat lovers, pizza for veggie lovers, pizza for people who don’t like red sauce, and pizza for people who like barbecue. And let’s not forget every child’s favorite pizza - plain cheese.

When it comes to food, pizza is like an old friend. That’s why this series is not just about pizza, but friendship. Good friendships can be broken down into a few key ingredients, just like a good pizza, and over the next four weeks, we’re going to look at those ingredients and what they teach us about good pizza.

Lesson One: TRUST (CRUST); Friends must be trustworthy

Lesson Two: COMPROMISE (SAUCE); God wants us to compromise and settle problems with our friends

Lesson Three: LISTENING (CHEESE); Good friends are good listeners.

Lesson Four: PUT OTHERS FIRST (TOPPINGS); Friends put the needs of their friends first.

So get ready, we’re going to make pizzas and friendships.