Pizzas & Friends Part-1

When it comes to food, pizzaís like an old friend. Thatís why this series is not just about pizza, but friendship. Good friendships can be broken down into a few key ingredients, just like a good pizza.

Weíre going to start with the foundation of pizza, the crust. Whether crust is thin, hand-tossed, pan, or thick, crust is the beginning of any great pizza. Without the crust, thereís nothing to hold all the sauce, the cheese, and toppings we love. Friendships need a firm foundation too, and that foundation rhymes with crust. Itís called TRUST.

Proverbs 11:13 
13 A person who gossips canít keep secrets.
   But a trustworthy person can keep a secret.
Proverbs 18:24
24 Some friends may ruin you.
    But a real friend will be more loyal than a brother.

No one wants to be friends with people they canít trust. Friendship begins with trust. When you find someone who truly cares about you, who wonít bad mouth you behind your back, who wonít spill your secrets to the whole world, youíve found a friend worth having! 

God wants us to have friends we can trust. He knows we need good friends who will be there for us when we need them, people we can count on in good times and bad. God also wants us to become friends like that. He wants us to be the boys and girls that our friends can trust. Trust is the foundation of any friendship.

Have you ever had a pizza with a bad crust?  How did it taste? Was it any good? It doesnít matter what sauce you use, or how much cheese you put on it, or what toppings you choose, a bad crust can ruin a pizza before you even start!

So many times we meet people who say they are our friends, but the moment our back is turned, they gossip about us. They donít care about us; they donít respect us, and they are not interested in being real friends.

When you decide who you want to be friends with, you look for trust. Is this someone I can trust with my secrets? Is this someone who I can count on when I am having a bad day? Is this someone who will stick up for me if someone else hurts me? Friends know they can count on one another to do the right thing. They know they will be loyal. They know they will keep their confidence. And they know their friend would never give them hot sauce if they asked for water.

True friends can be trusted. Why? Because they respect you. Friends donít become friends because they only want to take from you. They care about you, and they want to help you just as you help them. They are respectful of who you are. They love you no matter what. They will always stand by your side.

Friendships like that arenít easy to come by, but they are worth fighting for when you find them. A true friendship can last the rest of your life. But it takes two to make it happen.

We have to become the kind of friend other people can trust too. We need to keep secrets to ourselves, and we need to resist the temptation to gossip. We need to respect the people who care about us, and we need to be loyal to them.

If thereís no crust, thereís no pizza. If thereís no trust, thereís no friendship. Even a bad crust isnít good enough. We need to know the people we care about are trustworthy, and we need to care enough for them to be trustworthy back. Trust is the foundation to a good friendship.

Dear God,
Make me the kind of person my friends can trust.
In Jesusí name,