Diary of a Godly Kids (Lesson-1)

Being a godly person means that we need to follow God, and thatís not always easy. Even when we know where we are going, it can be hard to follow Godís direction. Sometimes following God is like assembling a puzzle with no photo to guide you. Itís hard to see where youíre going. Sometimes you donít know what comes next. Slowly but surely, things come into view and you can see what God is up to. Then you see the big picture and thank God for what he has done!

God wants us to have faith in him. That means God wants us to trust him without knowing all the answers ahead of time, but God will lead us step by step.  God is always looking out for our best. He protects us, he guides us, and yes, sometimes he surprises us.

God has a path for all of us to follow. He wonít show you all the steps. He may not even show you where the path leads. Whatever path he gives you, follow it. Follow God, and know that every step of the way, you can have faith in his leadership!

No one knew this better than Moses and the Israelites. After living in slavery for centuries, God sent Moses to free the Israelites and take them back to their homeland, but right from the beginning following Moses and the Lord was a difficult challenge. Shortly after leaving Egypt, they came to a dead end at the Red Sea. Whatís worse, Pharaoh and his army came after them, threatening to destroy them.

Thatís when God stepped in to truly lead the way.

READ EXODUS 14:13-31

In the eyes of the Israelites, they were doomed. They had a sea in front of them and the army of Egypt behind them. They were so discouraged that some of them even suggested that they willingly go back to being slaves in Egypt.

Although they had been guaranteed they would see the Promised Land, the Israelites saw no way out of their situation. So God made a way. He opened the sea to let his people pass through to the other side, walking on dry land. Not only that, God made sure the Egyptians would never hurt his people again by sweeping their army away into the sea!

When God calls us to follow, he wants us to trust him. He wants us to follow and not question how we will get to where we are going. When we trust him with all our hearts, he will always make a way for us.

Thereís a word for the kind of trust that Moses had in God. Itís called faith. Faith is believing without seeing. Itís trusting that God will lead us on when we come to a dead end. Itís trusting that God will never leave us or let us down.

Godly following requires faith. Having faith begins when we take the time to get to know God. We can get to know God when we go to church each week and get involved in church activities. We can get to know him by spending time with him each day. We can pray, we can read the Bible by ourselves, and we can read it with our families.

Faith also grows when we follow God. The more we follow him, the more our faith grows, and the more our faith is challenged, the more it grows. God uses every step we take and every obstacle that comes our way to grow our faith.

Thatís good news, because the obstacles we face rarely get smaller. God likes to give us bigger and bigger challenges. Why? Because the greater the challenge, the greater our faith will grow.

Sometimes God lets us know where we are going, like the Israelites knew they were going to the Promised Land. Sometimes God doesnít let us know where we are going. In the end, itís not the destination but the journey that matters. When we follow God, we grow in our faith, and growing in our faith is key to becoming a godly person. But if weíre willing to follow God, he will take us to amazing new places.

Father God,
I know you have plans for me, and I thank you for that. Guide me, and show me where you want me to go.
In Jesusí name, Amen