In the last two weeks weíve talked about the messes created by our lies and our pride. These two things can cause some terrible messes, messes that will be hard to erase.

Today weíre going to talk about another mess maker. This one can create messes much harder to clean up. In fact, this mess maker can cause a mess you canít undo! Itís called being impatient.

Being impatient is hard for anyone, no matter how young or old. Weíve all struggled with being patient since we were babies. We donít like to wait for things, and in this fast paced, high-speed Internet world, we donít have to wait for many things. We microwave our food, we download everything at the click of a button, and if we donít get something the instant we want it - we pout!

People are impatient about many things - vacations, food, money, prizes, special events, homework, arts and crafts, you name it. Impatience can get us in trouble and cause a mess, which is why we all need to learn a lesson from todayís story about a man called Moses.

                                                       Read: Exodus 2:11-22

Moses was a Jew, born to a mother and father who were slaves in Egypt. All of Mosesí people were slaves, serving a cruel and hard Pharaoh. Through a miraculous series of events, Moses was adopted by Pharaohís daughter and brought to live in the palace.

Despite his royal upbringing, Moses felt a desire to do something to help his true people. He knew God had a plan for him, and he was right. However, Moses went wrong when he tried to take matters into his own hands.

God didnít tell Moses to kill the slave driver. Moses decided to do that on his own. He couldnít sit back and wait any longer to take action. But that action cost Moses everything. He was found out, and he was driven out of Egypt.

Moses waited 40 years for God to finally call him into action. By that time, he had learned the meaning of patience, and he was ready to lead Israel to freedom. Moses waited for Godís time, and when Godís time came, the Lord went with him. Impatience can get us in a big mess, but waiting for God will always bring blessings 

Thereís a famous saying that goes like this: ďGod give me patience, and give it to me NOW!Ē God doesnít work that way. God teaches us patience by forcing us to be patient. God makes us wait for things we want, things we know God wants, so that when it comes, we will know it came from Him. God waits until his perfect time, until he is ready - and we are ready. God will not be rushed, and if we try to rush things, we are very likely to create a mess.

Cooks donít eat the food until itís finished cooking. A true artist never adds the final touch to a masterpiece until theyíve made thousands of brush strokes that had to go before. Basketball coaches simply do not play players who donít know the playbook. They wait until that player knows enough to function as part of a team.

Thatís the kind of patience we need. We need to wait for the little things - food, doing homework, birthdays - as practice for waiting on the big things. Then, when we are older, being patient wonít be as big a deal. Weíll have plenty of patience to wait for whatever good things and blessings God wants to give us.

Donít rush dinner. Donít rush that difficult hobby. Never, ever try to rush God. God will answer in his time. Until then, wait patiently. The Lord will not let you down - or make a mess!

When we get in a hurry, we usually get ourselves into trouble. If we can learn to be patient, God will work things out in his time, without all the mess!

Dear God,
Teach me to be patient, and teach me to wait on you. Help me to avoid the messes impatience can create.
In Jesusí name, Amen